Manhattan Toys

Manhattan Toys is a reputable toys manufacturer. The company was founded in the US, where Manhattan Toys started the production of diverse toys for children of different age. The company gained a tremendous success in the US that encouraged the founders of the company to expand business internationally. Today, Manhattan Toys is the international brand popular in many countries of the world, although the main markets are the US, Canada and the EU.
The company designs and manufactures different toys for children of different age. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the design and adoption of toys for specific age group is very important because toddlers cannot play with toys that children in early teens play as well as vice versa. In the course of their development, children lose interest to the toys they played earlier, while in some cases toys that are misappropriate to the target age group may be dangerous. For instance, toys consisting of small parts may be dangerous for toddlers, who may swallow those small parts. Manhattan Toys takes into consideration children’s needs, their age, interests and aspirations. This is why Manhattan Toys are so popular and customers can buy Manhattan Toys online.

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