Children clothes label MALOLES may be called the charming union of creative notions for shoes for extremely fashionable, chic and trendy babies! The well-known and extremely talented fashion designer from Spain has developed the shoes, which are playful, light and at the very same time totally charming. You can buy MALOLES children clothes online and at the finest stores of the globe. For instance, this label may be discovered at Barneys in New York and Dover Street Market in London. Many celebrities, for instance, Cameron Diaz, Keira Knightley and Audrey Tautou adore these shoes. The children of celebrities also MALOLES children shoes.
Fascinated by the foot wear and the three-dimensional type, Maloles made a decision, on the birth of own daughter, to launch a line for the little ones, counting the label’s “must-have” in the mine variation: the little Zoe is born, and together with it, some of the most gorgeous styles. Three-dimensional they can be, but what we acknowledge for sure is that the delightful tiny Petites Maloles shoes are completely extraordinary. The online store offers all the parents the unique opportunity to buy MALOLES children shoes online. Do not miss this chance and buy these extraordinary tiny foot wear variations. Your kids will love them!

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