MailegMaileg is one of the contemporary companies designing and manufacturing toys and elements of interior for children. The company was founded in Denmark. Initially, Maileg focused on manufacturing of original toys, interior elements and other products made of natural materials and aiming at children as the target customer group. The company attempted to bring in natural but original elements into the interior and surrounding of children to make them play with natural and original toys in the funny environment. Even though the company was established in 1999, Maileg has already reached a tremendous success within a bit more than a decade of operations. The company started in Denmark but today Maileg operates in many countries of Europe, the US and Canada. Maileg is a design brand with a modern concept established by brothers Darthe og Erik Mailil. The founder of the company is its main designer since it is Darthe Mailil, who designed all products of the company. The design of Darthe Mailil proved to be very successful and brought her international approval, while her company became one of the leaders in the EU, the US and Canadian market. Today, customers can order Maileg’s products online and buy them directly from the company.

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