Lucy Locket

Lucy LocketLucy Locket is one of the most popular dressing up and toys manufacturers in the UK and many other countries of the world. Lucy Locket originates its name from the popular nursery rhyme. The company was founded in the UK and expanded its business internationally. The primary goal of founders of the company was to create products that would entertain children and make fun. In this regard, the company developed multiple products that aim at entertaining children. A large part of Lucy Locket’s products consists of dressing ups, which are always interesting for children to wear on special occasions, for instance Halloween. In addition, the company offers a variety of toys which are created within the traditional framework of the company’s philosophy of entertaining children. Also, it is worth mentioning musical boxes which also serve to entertain children.
At the same time, along with traditional products, Lucy Locket has launched several new production lines, such as children cosmetics and bed accessories. In fact, cosmetics and bed accessories are new products developed by the company but they also mirror the traditional style of the company. Bed accessories are funny and interesting for children, while cosmetics allow them experimenting with their appearance and taking care of their look.

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