Love from Australia

Love from AustraliaLove From Australia is a luxury shoes brand based in Australia. Initially the company was founded to manufacturer luxury shoes for adults but steadily the company expanded its production and today kids shoes comprise a large part of the total production of the company. Love From Australia boosted its business development in the late 1990s, when the company has launched the strategy of the fast international market expansion, which persists till today. As a result, now the company operates in many countries of the world, while Australian, European and American markets are the major target markets for the company. Love From Australia focuses on the use of natural materials in manufacturing of its shoes, such as leather. In such a way, the company reaches the high quality and durability of its products. The latter is particularly important because today customers grow particularly concerned with the durability of shoes as well as clothing, while in case of kids durability becomes particularly important because the impact on shoes is substantial. Nevertheless, the company’s shoes are safe and comfortable. This is why Love From Australia kids shoes are so popular in the world. Customers can buy kids shoes from retailers or online.

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