Lola Coquelicot

Lola Coquelicot is a renowned Belgian manufacturer of kids shoes and accessories. The company was founded in Belgium and now the company’s production facilities are still located in this country. Lola Coquelicot is a renowned children shoes brand in Belgium but now the company attempts to enter international markets. Even though historically, the company was oriented on the local market mainly, the contemporary business environment and the growing competition force Lola Coquelicot to expand its markets and enter international markets. The company has a considerable potential due to the high quality of its products and concerns of the company about the customer satisfaction. Lola Coquelicot always focused on manufacturing children shoes that match their needs. Today, the company manufactures children shoes for girls and boys of different age. Moreover, the company offers collections for all seasons. In such a way, customers can choose children shoes, which they need at the moment. The company owns the chain of its stores in Belgium and attempts to expand the chain internationally. However, at the moment, the company focuses on the development of its online business because this is the easier and more efficient way to reach the target customer group at lower cost.

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