Logoshirt company was founded in 1994, when designers had an idea to create a clothing line in a retro-style, high quality and medium price range. In the same year, Logoshirt was presented, where there are images of famous and nostalgic consumer brands that have received a “second life” on the shirt of the brand. Logoshirt, no doubt, was the first representative of this type of fashion. Logo Shirt is a very popular brand thanks to its brilliant logo and design. Logo Shirt was created in Germany and many, especially young people who love fashion, believe that this brand is unique.
Besides, Logoshirt’s T-shirts are the most unpredictable. The Logoshirt company can produce T-shirts with different and interesting logos, like a stylish white front print and small logo Lowlife as handcuffs, behind the neck. For example, T-shirt adidas is presented with a trefoil logo, which is introduced in the new – an unexpected form.All Logoshirt clothes are made of natural cotton that does not allow to doubt about the quality of clothes.Logoshirt’s Clothing surprises with its unpredictability and is certainly original for everyone.Buy Logoshirt’s T-shirt or a shirt and you’ll be always stand out among all your friends.

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