Living Kitzbuhel

Living Kitzbuhel is the premium brand manufacturing children shoes. The company was founded in Germany over 100 years ago. The extensive experience contributes to the high quality of shoes manufactured by the company. At the same time, the long history contributed to the growing confidence of customers in the reliability of the brand. Today, Living Kitzbuhel is one of the most reputable shoes brands in the world. The company started its business in Germany but today Living Kitzbuhel operates internationally. In actuality, the brand is rather multinational than German but the company has preserved its traditions and devotedness to the balance of price and quality. The company attempts to preserve its traditions not only in the production process but also in the style of its children shoes. One of the recent collections of the company combines the traditional and Alpine style. This new mix attracts customers, who have different taste because such a combination can satisfy different customers. Living Kitzbuhel attempts to create children shoes of top quality for durable comfort of children. The company manufactures children shoes for both girls and boys of different age. Moreover, the company manufactures shoes for all seasons. Hence, customers can buy Living Kitzbuhel shoes according to their needs.

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