LITTLE RED STUGA is a Swedish brand of children’s furniture and accessories, founded in 2007 by designers Kasper Medin and Ulrika E. Engberg. In 2007 they opened the company Little Red Stuga and the first product in line was Dream Bag. Dream Bag is a place for children’s imagination, where the beautiful soft petals allow them to play and dream.
Also Dream Bag is easily folded into a bud, that is a great advantage for children. Products are made for children and young at heart adults. The company creates innovative things for children, stimulating their activity and development. Company’s design ideas are always presented with an educational content.
LITTLE RED STUGA’s carpets in the form of flowers are especially popular. Children love to play there and usually spend a lot of time there. Also the pillows are presented in the form of mountains of various colors. Kids like to sleep on these pillows. All LITTLE RED STUGA’s products are simple and funny for your child to use as they are light and easy to move.
Buy LITTLE RED STUGA’s products because playing with toys children can develop the imagination and dream as though they ascend to the summit of the highest Swedish mountains or traveling on a pink cloud.

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