Little Paul & Joe is a brandof clothingfor children which was created by a French designer Sophie Albu in 2005. After graduating from the Institute of fashion in France, the designer decided to open her own brand . The brand was named arter Sophie Albu’s sons Paul and Joe. In Little Paul & Joe’s collections there are a lot of T-shirts and jeans in sport style for boys, beautiful elegant dresses for girls, in which girls look like gentle young ladies.
There are floral prints on the dresses and blouses, strong colors, romantic pastels; the fabrics are pleasant to the touch and high quality. Retrostyle is typical for Little Paul & Joe childclothing.
Also,inLittle Paul & Joe’s collectionthere is a large selection ofjeansfor children, which are very popular.Thanks toLittle Paul and Joe’s collection, children may now look as stylish as their parents.Little Paul and Joe’s clothing emphasizes the individuality of the child.The fabric, which is used for clothing, is distinguished by high consumer qualities: smoothness, softness. Out of it, it makes convenient children’s clothes for everyday use, which promotes full night’s sleep. Buy Little Paul&Joe’s clothing and it will make your child happy.

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