LITTLE MARC JACOBSLittle Mark Jacobs is a sub-brand of a renowned fashion company, Mark Jacobs. The company was founded by the designer, Mark Jacobs, who gave his name to the company and launched the new line of clothing. At first, he started as the designer of adult clothing but steadily he expanded his business and launched a sub-brand Little Mark Jacobs. Remarkably, Little Mark Jacobs has started, when Mark Jacobs brand has already gained the popularity and international approval. Therefore, Little Mark Jacobs exploited the popularity of Mark Jacobs’ brand to promote its products internationally. Little Mark Jacobs focused on the production of clothing for kids from first days of life. In this regard, it is possible to distinguish three major groups of customers and clothing manufactured by the company respectively for each group. These groups are girls clothing, boys clothing and babies clothing and accessories. Each customer group can count on the high quality and exclusive design of clothing items. This is why kids and their parents like Little Mark Jacobs clothing so much. In actuality, customers can buy kids clothing from Mark Jacobs’ stores, retailers and online. In fact, the company moved online to get closer to its customers and now they can buy the company’s clothing easily.

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