Esther Loonen is a chief stylist and founder of the brand Lili & The Funky Boys, offers a unique and exciting fashion. Lili & The Funky Boys clothing is little simple, at first sight, but it courageously demonstrates the amazing color palette. In Lili & The Funky Boys collections, you can see modern clothing for children, carefully made of soft fabrics, which are comfortable to wear. Lili & The Funky Boys clothing is very pleasant to touch. In the collection a huge variation of different colors is represented: from light to dark colors, from bright to calm colors.
Besides, the real Lili and The Funky Boys treasures are fashionable waistcoats and scarves for children of different shades, which are very popular among the children. Lili&The Funky Boys Company recently introduced their summer collection, which has created lovely dresses, blouses for girls, which allow them to look as elegant young ladies. Company has also created beautiful costumes of the soft tissues for the young gentlemen’s.
It is difficult to think of a brand of clothing in which children look more stylish in each new season. Lili and The Funky Boys collections are constantly updated. Buy Lili and The Funky Boys clothing and your kids will be stylish.

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