Lili Gaufrette

Lili GaufretteLili Gaufrette is the French manufacturer of kids clothing. The company was founded in the 1990s in France and focused on manufacturing clothing for girls. The company did not expand its production to shift to manufacturing clothing for boys or adults. Instead, Lili Gaufrette stayed loyal and fully devoted to its original mission to create perfect clothing for girls. The company started its business in France but soon entered European market and started its sales in the UK, Italy, Germany, and other countries of the EU. Today, Lili Gaufrette carries on its strategy of the international market expansion and develops its business successfully.
At the same time, professionals working in Lili Gaufrette undertake a lot of efforts to create exclusive designer clothing that meets customers’ needs and expectations. The clothing manufactured by the company is comfortable and elegant. The company creates over 350 models of clothing items each season to choose the best one and to offer them to its customers. Collections created by the company are made of natural materials and customers can be certain in the high quality and safety of the company’s products. Lili Gaufrette pays a lot of attention to details which do matter for customers and, therefore, for the company, which creates clothing for girls for all seasons.

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