LesyLesy is a famous designer clothing brand manufacturing clothing for girls from the age of two to eighteen. The company is based in Florence, Italy. In spite of the fact that Lesy does not have a long history, the company has already gained the popularity among customers, who are concerned with fashionable designer clothing. Initially, the company started as a small business manufacturing designer clothing for girls but the early success in Florence and Italy encouraged Lesy to expand its operations internationally. As a result, today, the company operates in the EU, the UK and other parts of the world, although European and American markets remain the target markets for the company.
The major reason for the successful business development of Lesy is its original, designer clothing. Unlike many other companies operating in the fashion industry, Lesy focused on the specific customer group consisting of girls from two to eighteen. In such a way, the company designed clothing for girls solely. Such concentration on one segment of the market allowed the company to reach perfection in designing clothing for girls. The reputable brand and the high quality contribute to the ongoing popularity of Lesy today. Customers can buy Lesy’s clothing from retailers as well as online.

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