Work-wear brand Le Mont St Michel was launched in 1913, just a few miles away from the famous abbey after which it was named. Fashion ideas are centered on this brand name came into mind : a mixture of traditions allied with modernity and humor .
Designers cultivate their difference and try not to succumb to the trend towards globalization style. Alexandre Milan was looking for something versatile, allowing to create collections of specialized combination of authenticity and fashion with a strong personality. At the same time, the brand attracts by not only old-fashioned name but also some humor.
Le Mont St Michel is characterized by lightness and tenderness. Many clothes from the women’s collection do not fit a shape. Among them we can meet a lot of shirts with different colors. Also there are of a lot of blouses, cardigans and dresses in Le Mont St Michel’s collection.
Clothing is like for work as well as for regular walking. Clothing is very comfortable and made ??from natural fabrics. Le Mont St Michel’s Clothing is simple, not artsy, but still beautiful. Many women prefer Le Mont St Michel’s clothing and do not change their taste for many years. Buy Le Mont St Michel’s clothing and you will feel the difference between it and other brands.

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