La Stupenderia

La StupenderiaLa Stupenderia is a popular brand operating in the children fashion industry. The company was established in 1986 in Italy. The founder of the company, Giovanna de Riso was a talented designer, who worked in different companies but had never considered the opportunity of launching the business of her own, until she had become the mother of two kids. After the birth of her second child, Giovanna de Riso decided to start her own company designing clothing for newborns. In such a way, she attempted to implement her creative idea in the original clothing and accessories for her own kids. After launching her own business, she extrapolated her creative ideas on the larger scale and started the production of her authentic and original clothing for babies. At the same time, as the business grew steadily, the founder of the company decided to expand its production and introduced new products for kids at the age of one to ten. In such a way, the company expanded its market share consistently, while now La Stupenderia attempts to design new clothing for teenagers, both girls and boys. However, baby clothing and accessories made of excellent textile still comprise the large share of La Stupenderia’s products.

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