Emeline Ricard, the designer of La Petite Luce, brings a variety of clothing for children in the retro style. Gorgeous printed cloth decorates a charming blend with a hint of the old French style.
People love buying all clothes from La Petite Luce as they are made ??in France. Clothing for boys includes elegantly suits with accessories and stylish suspenders. That’s why young boys look like gentlemen. People buy La Petite Luce clothing because all creations are designed specifically in the retro style, with a certain taste of the 60s.
Costumes combined with modern and comfortable fabrics – cotton, silk, organza and retro prints – all this is in line with modern trends. La Petite Luce clothing has its own unique style, and the clothing suits best together to give a retro chic. Dandies like a La Petite Luce’s retro-style with beautiful decorations and drawings. La Petite Luce’s Cotton jersey is very popular.
In addition, many people like T-shirts that are buttoned at the back. Bright colors such as blue and red mainly dominated in La Petite Luce’s clothing. Young dandies in the La Petite Luce’s clothing look very stylish and elegant. If you love retro, La Petite Luce’s clothing is for you.
Andrew Beche of the journal WGSN Kids chose La Petite Luce, as the original brand of Time exhibition for 2011-2012 autumn-winter season.

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