Koeka is a kids clothing and accessories manufacturer that has gained the international approval due to the high quality and original design of its clothing. The company was founded in 1998 by Margareth de Haas and Jeannette Kraaijeveld in the Netherlands. The founders of the company had extensive experience in the fashion industry and their decision to create the company of their own was driven by personal concerns mainly. As they had children, they grew eager to create exclusive designer clothing for their kids. As a result, they founded the company in the Netherlands offering kids clothing and accessories from first days of kids life.
At the same time, the early success of the company encouraged the founders of Koeka to expand their business and to enter European market. The company had started to sell its products in neighboring countries, such as the UK, Belgium, France and Germany, first, and, later, the company expanded its operations throughout Europe. Today, Koeka is one of the leaders in the designer kids clothing and accessories not only in Europe but also in the world because the company operates in many countries of the world. Customers can buy Koeka kids clothing and accessories from retailers or online.

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