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Kissy Kissy

Are you looking for the best brand of clothing for your child? Can’t you find the clothes that will combine both elegancy and quality? So Kissy Kissy is the answer. The brand is comparatively new one, created only in 1995. Before the birth of Kissy Kissy, there was a big company named Tatiant and Co that was focused on fabricating clothing for babies. The first boutique was placed in Chatham, N.J. Each collection impressed by the professionalism of using cotton fabric. More and more customers began buying the products f Tatiana and Co thanks the high quality of items that it guaranteed to newborns. So what was the secret of making so soft and light clothing? Peru, the birthplace of Kissy Kissy, is known for Pima cotton fabric. It was originated there and called after the people – Pima Indians – who liked there. The material comes in long length that makes it very durable and good for tailoring. But it is very important to know the right way of using it. The manufacturers of Tatiana and Co learned the process and now they are great specialists in making comfortable clothes for young boys and girls. Each item, produced by Kissy Kissy is given to check control and considered to be safe for babies to wear. The designers and fabricants of the brand are sure that there is nothing more important than making the baby feel himself nice while wearing a suit. Besides, the line guarantees to provide each customer with safeness against any allergic responses on the fabric. But the point of Kissy Kissy is not only the quality and practicality of a cloth, but also its look. Toddlers and infants aged up to 4 years old must have a remarkable look while going for a walk, resting in nature or having a birthday party. So pay attention to delicate embroidery that can be seen on every item by Kissy Kissy. Cool shorties, delicate dressed and funny baby grows come with smart collars, ruffle cuffs and colorful bows. It is possibly to choose a cloth both for baby boys and girls, as blue, pink, ivory and white colors prevail. There are interesting and attractive prints on most of items; driving cars and planes are preferred by boys; girl would like floral and butterfly prints. The line of Tatiana and Co can be divided into several collections that represent different style of products: Kissy Kissy Premier offers handmade embroidered shorties and baby grows. Besos by Kissy is the perfect collection for a christening celebration. It has a great variety of festive suits for boys and dresses for young ladies. And don’t forget about the Violets that is a line, which is focused on tailoring dresses of different style and shapes for girls. The products of the famous Peruvian brand have become demanded not only in America, but all over the world. Fortunately, there is no any need to look for a store to make the purchase. You can buy the clothing by Kissy Kissy online.

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