Ideological inspirers and founders of the extraordinary brand from Holland Kidsonroof are spouses Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin. According to the designers, a good toy should first be made of good eco-friendly material, this toy is safe for the child and does not harm the environment.
They also believe that toys should bring esthetic delight for children and adults. A good toy should encourage and provoke children to be creative. Products of Kidsonroof are interested not only for children but also for adults. For example, a collection of toys TOTEM are often bought as a gift or souvenir. They refused from catchy colors, preferring peaceful tones. The company’s philosophy is simple: «back to the basis», back to the roots. Designers believe that nature is the main source of inspiration. Kidsonroof is a young company, the brand is about five years old, but now their toys became more popular in Europe and America. Kidsonroof ‘s products are bought by a certain segment of society, preferring the concept thing. And in the traditional toy stores you do not find it. You should buy Kidsonroof products and show your kids, because it is a totally different world, it’s more than just a game.

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