Kids Designers Coats

Designers coats for kids Autumn/Winter 2015

The cool weather is coming, it is time to buy something warm and stylish for your children. We present you our hand-picked collection of children coats which features the style, comfort and fashionable color-pop trends.

baby designer coat


Kids Designers Wool Coats

Wool coats are timeless and chic. Naturally warm, this season’s collection features muted shades and pretty pastels in classic styles.

wool coat

Kids designers down padded coats

Outer wear is most definitely in this season. Naturally soft and cosy, down padded coats brave the elements whilst looking cool.


Kids designers down padded coats


Kids designers reversible coats

Super fun and versatile, reversible coats offer a two in one solution. The collection features brights, patterns and soft, textured faux fur.

reversible coats

Kids Designers Color Pop Rain Coats

Nothing cheers up a dreary winter’s day like a pop of colour. Whether there’s a nip in the air or a full on blizzard, the selection includes padded, patterned and lightweight rain coats.

Color Pop Rain Coats

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