Kidiwi is one of the renowned designer kids clothing operating in many countries of the world. The company was founded in the UK and developed its business successfully focusing on manufacturing kids clothing of premium quality. From the beginning, Kidiwi manufactured handmade clothing that was a distinct feature of Kidiwi clothing. Unlike its major rivals and other fashion designers manufacturing clothing for kids, Kidiwi refused from mass production. Instead, the company focused on handmade production entirely. In such a way, Kidiwi has managed to reach the high level of quality of kids clothing and made the clothing unique because handmade clothing items are different not only in quality but also in design since each person working on a clothing item brings in something new that makes it different from other items manufactured by the company or its rivals.
The focus on exclusive handmade clothing allowed Kidiwi to win attention of customers in the UK and soon the company started international market expansion. At first, the company focused on the European market mainly which was very attractive for Kidiwi due to its physical proximity and great potential. In the course of time, the company expanded its operations further to America and Asia mainly. Today, customers can buy Kidiwi kids clothing online.

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