Kid O is brand of children’s toys. Designers believe that children have the most fun when they discover new things. For them, playing is a good way to learn something new. That’s why all Kid O Products are made with plenty of opportunities to learn. Our toys attract and stimulate the children with a rich variety of shapes, colors and sizes – so the possibilities for a creative play are infinite. In the playground the children used their own imagination; they develop skills that will be useful for their life.
Children love to spot familiar objects and play with them and they exercise hand-eye coordination and classification skills. When the children became older, the majority of parents start thinking about preschool options. Kid O produced educational games and toys just for this age. The Line Exercise Cubes, designed by Nienhuis for Education, gives the opportunity for kids to sort through a series of three-dimensional cubes in order to complete a two-dimensional pattern .The set encourages kids to hone the important skill of pattern recognition.
BUY Kid O’s toys for your kids and you see how beautiful, well-made objects are important for stimulating children, accelerating their development, and improving their well-being.

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