Kathe Kruse children wear

Entertainment, joy and fun are the main things that toddlers, infants and young children prefer doing in free time. Today the play market in full of different encouraging games and toy for kids. You can find educational, encouraging, informative etc., so there is a possibility to be borne away with any of them. Boys like playing with driving cars and flying planes, but the perfect choice of a girl is a lovely doll. Have you seen how many kinds of them there are in stores today? They come in different design, according the theme; they have interesting clothing and appropriate accessories. The child can also get a house with bedroom and bath for her. But how looked the doll a century ago? Kathe Kruse could tell you. She came from Germany where she was living with her daughters. Kathe wanted to make the girls happy, so was creating handmade dolls for them to play. The information about it flew out and Kruse was invited to show her creation in Berlin. Then an idea came to her mind: why not to satisfy other children of the country? Why not to make some other dolls for playing? And a small home factory was established, where Kathe was working on new models with clothing and accessories for them. The deal developed and became adored by young children. Soon the children of Kathe became involved into a family business and other factories were opened in Bad Pyrmont and Donauwörth. The items got a success there too. Nowadays the new managers are Andrea and Stephen Christenson. In childhood Andrea was playing with Kathe Kruse dolls and always wanted to have her own production of such a toy. And now her dream came true. She and Stephen do their best in order to promote the brand among modern generation. The doll of today combines the old classic tradition, but some new details are added. She comes in wonderful clothing that is designed due to the contemporary trends. The directors also produce new accessories for the doll, providing her with pets, make up, bags and other stuff. The manufacturers guarantee to parents that the doll is made due to health care standards and the item never won’t cause any harm to the kid. it is totally safe for playing. Kathe Kruse could invent a perfect doll with a unique charm and original chic. Though more than 100 years are left behind, the toy is still popular not only in Germany, but parent from different parts of the world tend to please their girls with dolls by Kathe Kruse. Agree with the fact that it is the best gift for a birthday of a young lady, as each dream about receiving so delicate and lovely creation. Dear parent, if you think about a present for your daughter, purchase Kathe Kruse doll for her and you will make her the happiest one in the globe. The innovative online service allows making a quick delivery to any country and city.


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