Junior Gaultier

Junior GaultierJunior Gaultier is the renowned fashion designer children clothing manufacturer. The company was founded in 1988 by Jean Paul Gaultier. Junior Gaultier is the sub-brand of the Gaultier company which operates in the fashion industry. The company is based in Paris, France. Juniuor Gaultier focuses on children as the target customer group. Even though the company was traditionally oriented on adult customers, Junior Gaultier is dedicated entirely to children products. In actuality, the company offers a variety of products which are destined for children since the first days of life. In such a way, parents can buy Junior Gaultier clothing and accessories for their kids since the early days of their life. The key feature of Junior Gaultier is the high style of the original, exclusive designer kids clothing and accessories. Junior Gaultier has the great reputation and positive brand image, which attract customers, who are concerned with the quality of kids clothing and accessories and the brand name. The company pays a particular attention to the originality and usability of the designer kids clothing and accessories. Kids clothing manufactured by Junior Gaultier is always of the high quality and customers can be certain in the safety of the clothing they purchase from the company.

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