Joyk Dolls

Joyk Dolls is one of the largest manufacturers of empathy dolls. The company is based in Sweden. At the beginning, the company operated in Sweden solely but soon Joyk dolls became popular in many countries of the world due to the original design and high quality. In this regard, the work of the Swedish designer, Rubens Barn was particularly important since his empathy dolls comprised and still comprise the lion share of Joyk dolls sold to customers. As a rule, Joyk Dolls are a good choice for those parents who want to give their children a very special friend to cuddle and to share many of their innermost thoughts and feelings. Joyk dolls have marvelous facial expressions that cannot fail to make children indifferent. Children enjoy playing with Joyk dolls due to their soft bodies and gorgeous clothing. Joyk Dolls pays a lot of attention not only to the quality and design of dolls but also to their clothing. Every detail does matter for the company. This is why Joyk Dolls develops the design of its products carefully and each doll is unique in a way. Customers can buy Joyk dolls from retailers or online as the company has moved its business online.

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