Joules kids wear


Though Britain never was the country for the birth of worldwide brands, as France or Italy, but there are many line and fashionable names connected with the English clothing market. The United Kingdom is known to have its own style in clothing; its outfits differ from those one in other places of the European continent. That makes the brands be so popular and adored by customers all over the world. Have you ever heard about Joules? It is one of the traditional lines of clothing in Britain that was established in 1989 by Tom Joules. The designer started his career as a manufacturer of clothes of country style. He was good professional who was a master of his craft. Soon the name Joules have become well known in many cities. The items that were created by Tom were characterized by unique and creative ideas. The designer understood that business was prospering, as opened his own shop of clothes for children in 1997. Since then the brand can’t stop gaining its popularity. It produces clothes that can be worn in daily life; they can provide kids with comfort and let them make free moves while playing, running and having fun. All items are very practical and multifunctional. A pair of denim trousers can be worn with a nice long sleeved shirt for a formal occasion; a T-shirt with bright funny print on the front will create a childish style. Tom Joules tries to enter the world of children and find out what makes them feel happy. So if your kid is aged up to 11 years, Joules is the brand that he will like for sure. How one can pass across so stunning items? Look at this new summer collection full of bright colors and interesting patterns! Classic tops and bottoms can be finely embroidered with cool images of animals, birds, driving cars and monsters. Your kid will choose the one he prefers the most. Young ladies are offered floral long and short skirts and dresses that can be worn for a walk with friends or to a birthday party too. for you to know, the favorite print of most Joules’s customers is the shark’s head. It prevails on many clothes, especially the T-shirts look attractive. But what about the babies? Don’t worry. They will be provided with the most quality products. Only for them Joules represents the last collection of cute baby grows and shorties of pale blue and pink colors. Besides, Tom is sure that a baby bib should fit the whole look of a child. So try some of them with the print of driving cars of boys and princesses for baby girls. All clothes and accessories are made due to the last tailoring technologies and are considered to be of high quality; 100% soft cotton will create a pleasant feeling for sure. Wellies are the perfect footwear for the English weather. They come in bright pink, yellow, orange and green colors with big spotty patterns. Make an online order and get the favorite item by Joules to your home.


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