Striped leggings, plaid shirt, dark blue denim carefully boiled – all belong to the classic Imps + Elfs’s clothing. It all started with a small Dutch production in 1997, which at some point turned out hundreds of stores worldwide and is headquartered in Amsterdam. Imps + Elfs have nothing pink, no prints in the form of owls and deer, no ears with warm ear flaps – all as adults dandies.
For ardent fans of the brand designers have developed a special grow-machine – which helps any parent to upload a photo of his kid, and with whiskers, tails, fun hair and to make a picture in the style of Imps + Elves. The philosophy of the brand is “A child should be a child”. And this philosophy is present in every aspect of the clothing line.
Designers think what is so cool about Imps & Elfs is that their clothing is designed to be fitted, concentrating on the shape of the child’s body. At Imps & Elfs they try to accentuate these features instead of hiding them in bad-fitting clothes. And they make the best skinny jeans – when you see little boy in them, he’s amazing!
Buy Imps + Elfs clothing because all clothes are no-nonsense, without excesses and fancies – the main focus is on child. Designers used secret pockets or fascinating slogans also.

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