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Il Gufo

A lot of young parents ask themselves how to combine the two feature of a perfect outfit: comfort and style? They all want their kids to be dressed in clothes made from natural fabrics, but do all high quality items are nice looking? We are not sure. But there is a good solution for this problem. The Italian brand Il Gufo will be the best choice for young child. This brand is known to be one of the most demanded among kids aged up to 14 years. Il Gufo appeared in the fashion market in 1980, when Jovanna Miletti – a young mother started creating handmade clothes for het three wonderful children. With some help her small factory and shop turned into a successful business that brought fame to Jovanna and practical clothing for girls and boys. The manufacturers work only with 100% soft cotton, pure linen, warm wool, velvet and silk. All these fabrics create a nice feeling when wearing the clothes on. T-shirts, sweaters, cardigans, leggings and cotton trousers will provide the child with comfort while making moves, walking and spending time outdoors. One of the main features of Il Gufo is making handmade embroidery that finely looks on tops, jackets and dresses. Girls are the main fans of interesting and original designs of clothing. They like the knitted dresses and sweater by Il Gufo with pearl beads, attached flowers and bird prints. It is not a surprise that many customers and children especially call the brand “a planet of positive”. The designers present the kids good emotions and wonderful mood thanks the bright colors. Each day will be sunny and happy with an outfit by Il Gufo. In order to diversify the common clothes, the designers use nice patterns, such as tartan and check. These elements add some stylishness to the whole item. The brand also offers a special collection of clothes that can serve as a nice outfit for a special and festive occasion. White colored blouses come with smart collar, ruffled necklines and diamante gems on the front. These models can be worn with a cotton skirt or a pair of trousers. Don’t forget to have a look of an accessory collection that will make you deep impressed. A variety of ties and bow ties will convert the boy into a young gentleman. They can be worn with a formal shirt and make the child very elegant and trendy. Some items are finely embroidered with cool prints of driving cars, planes of fruits. When customers hear the name Il Gufo they immediately think about it as the brand that is comfortable for wearing during any season and time. Ask about it some regular customers and be sure that the quality that is guaranteed to you totally correspond the affordable price. Today Il Gufo is known not only in the place of its birth, but in whole Europe. Children from the United States or Asia can get the remarkable clothes by Il Gufo, having made an online order.

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