IkksIKKS is the ready-to-wear brand of children clothing. The company was founded almost three decades ago in France and has reached a considerable progress diversifying its production lines. At first the company focused on women clothing solely but steadily the company expanded its production line launching, first, the new line of men clothing and eventually launching the line of children clothing. In such a way, the company has expanded its business consistently and focused on children as one of its major target customer groups. At the same time, children clothing designed by the company bears the style and new fashionable trends which could be traced in adult clothing as well. Thus, IKKS attempts to preserve its unique style and manifest it through its three lines of men, women and children clothing. For instance, one of the major trends in the designer clothing for children from IKKS is the use of black and white colors, which are used for adult clothing as well. In addition, the company often makes special offers for its customers and they can buy children clothing from the company online or from authorized retailers as well as from multi-brand stores. IKKS does it best to meet customers’ expectations.

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