ICE Iceberg

Ice Iceberg is the renowned fashion sportswear brand for children. The company was founded in 1974 in Italy. The company has started its operations as the fashion sportswear designing company manufacturing clothing for men and women. However, steadily, the company shifted toward the expansion of its target customer group and launched the line of designer fashion sportswear for children. This decision has brought the company a tremendous success and today Ice Iceberg is one of the most popular brands offering sportswear for both boys and girls.
In actuality, the company offers sportswear for boys in armored cloth, ultra-light nylon down jackets in earthy and rocky tones, soft flannel and leather, sweaters with a distinctive series of inlays and stripes in grey and red, or in gray and blue. The style reminds that of mountain climbers and uncovers the philosophy of the company concerning design of sportswear.
Sportswear for girls designed by Ice Iceberg bears the spirit of adventure and the energy of discovery. The company offers outwear for girls in armored wooden fabrics highlighted with lurex threads are combined with modern pieces in cotton fleece and coordinated with knitwear featuring macro stripes.
Customers can buy Ice Iceberg’ clothing from retailers or online.

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