I Pinco Pallino kids wear

I Pinco Pallino kids wearChildren for sure make our life happier and brighter. They bring so much joy and laugh. What a wonderful feeling it is, when the house is full of kids. Each parent takes care that his child will be nice looking; it means that it is very important o choose clothes that the kid will like putting on. They must be of the color he or she prefers and of course, not less important fact is that they will feel comfortable enough for running and playing. In order to provide the child all these features, we advise you to address a well known Italian line of remarkable clothes – I Pinco Pallino. It was founded in 1982 by Imelda and Stefano Cavalleri. She was working for long time in a factory of women coats; and Stefano was a successful painter and traveler, who was discovering more and more new fabrics. Their fist creation was a coat with handmade felt flowers. The item got the admiration of world known designers in Italy, and since then the company was gaining fame. Today the stores of I Pinco Pallino are placed in the most fashionable cities of Europe, the United States, Japan and Asia. The brand represents three main lines of clothing for children: I Pinco Pallino, I Pinco Pallino Baby, and Pinco Pallino Little. There is one thing that unites them all – it is the unique style. The brand is known for using a maritime theme on clothes. The first collection was designed using sea prints and details, and as it got a huge success, maritime has become the symbol of I Pinco Pallino. It was a good choice, as all kids like spending time near the seaside, playing beach games and swimming in cool pure water. Another used theme is a floral one. You can see daisies, anemones, mimosa, lilac and roses on girlish summer dresses, skirts, blouses and tops. This theme will give an impression of blossoming spring that smells so nice! It is necessary to mention that the team of I Pinco Pallino consists of professional tailors and manufacturers that work attentively on each piece of cloth. You may be sure about the using of natural and quality fabrics. Each customer is guaranteed high quality clothes that are made from 100% soft cotton, wool, silk, cashmere, linen, chiffon, leather and denim. I Pinco Pallino tries to make bright and unique personalities. Imelda and Stefano Cavalleri assure that each boy and girl must enjoy this time of joy and childhood. There is no any necessity for creating elegant and classic suits for young minds. Clothes must give the feel freedom and easiness. This is the main goal that the Italian brand follows. Are you interested in discovering the world of I Pinco Pallino fashion? Get acquainted with the new incomes at web-site. The last collection is represented in all colors and styles. Your child will have the most remarkable look with a trendy outfit by I Pinco Pallino. Make an online order now.

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