Hunter baby shoes


Britain – a country where there is the biggest amount of precipitation that any other country in the world. But the Englishmen have already get used to such weather. It is obvious that rainy weather requites special outfit; for this reason people usually put on long coats and take umbrellas with them. But another important item in everyone’s wardrobe is footwear. The shoes must be of high quality for the foot not to get wet. An American businessman – Henry Lee Norris – who came to Britain had a wonderful idea of creating rubber boots for the citizen. Firstly the small line was named The North British Rubber, but soon was renamed into Hunter. At the beginning of its history in 1856, the stuff consisted only from 4 people, but in several years its number grew to 600. Hunter played very important role during the first and second world wars. The brand was producing rubber boot for soldiers and was supplying the whole British army with rubber water proof shoes. During these years Hunter was gaining its success not only among men, but also women and children. At the end of the century all people in the United Kingdom were wearing rubber boots by Hunter. The traditional design of shoes – orthopedic model of dark green color with a length up to the knee – still remains being the most preferable among buyers. It is worth saying that the boots of Hunter got the recognition of the royal family of The Royal Warrants of Appointment. Today the brand has many fans among young children too. Parents try to provide their children with high quality shoes for keep their feet dry and warm during rainy days. Toddlers, young children and teens are free to choose their favorite color; bright red, green, pink, blue, yellow and orange color are available; some of the models are finely embroidered with traditional patterns of spots and funny prints. They will have a magnificent and bright look during gray days of London weather. All footwear comes with a practical sole that will prevent the kids from slipping on water. The rubber boots by Hunter will perfectly be matches with a casual style. The English line of footwear has become very popular in many European countries and America. A lot of celebrities tend to wear Hunter’s and put the boots on their kids as well: Nicole Richie, sisters Olsen, Ann Hathaway, Lily Allen, Rachel Bilson, Bred Pit and others are among them. As you see, celebrities all over the world have already become regular customers of Hunter; the boots are the perfect combination of old English traditions and modern way of life. The brand shoes how simple item can become a real discovery that will stay loved by people for long time; and serve as a reliable provider of quality products. Young girls and boys of all ages are free to choose their favorite rubber boots from the new collection of Hunter. Make an online purchase and get a quick delivery to your place.


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