Hucklebones London

Hucklebones LondonHucklebones London creates elegant clothing for girls from 3 months to10 years. Each garment of Hucklebone’s clothing is carefully considered, with close attention to tailoring and small details to make sure that each item has its own charming style. Hucklebones collection is designed to offer a new palette of colors, fabrics and details that reflect both the long-term trends and silhouettes, as well as the preservation of classic timelessness.
Designers think that the idea of celebrating a baby’s first steps is an amazing one and Hucklebones London ‘s clothing is very suitable for holidays. They really like this tradition that has been carried on throughout the generations and they are confident that for the young lady the holiday should be special.
Huckelbones Jr. won the award for best designer of the magazine for new talent. Hucklebones was the best new fashion brand in 2011, and was nominated in 2012.
Hucklebones London creates clothes for young girls with incredible taste and style. Girls may wear Hucklebones London’s clothing anywhere, because it is very convenient and pleasant to the touch. Hucklebones London provides a variety of accessories to dresses. To buy Hucklebones London’s clothing is a good way for parents to make happy their young ladies.

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