Heimstone is an incredible and ready-to-wear French brand for women, created in 2007. The dresses occupy a very important role in the collection.
Inspired T-shirts, leather jackets, accessories and bags supplement collection.
Fabrics such as silk, leather along with color and unique, selected perfectly. Designers worked in such a way to make unique clothing, to introduce new, innovative use of fabrics. Color combinations are coordinated to create a really original piece. An admirable mix of colors and fabrics characterizes Heimstone best. Girls ,who wear Heimstone’s clothes, like comfort, so some of the dresses contain pockets.
Designers say that any girl could speak French, so this style suits every girl. Today, Heimstone is present in different stores in all major fashion capitals of the worlds such as London and New York.
Heimstone is more than just a fashion, for someone it’s a lifestyle. The designer wants that the clothing was much more artistic, passed the most pleasant feelings for and experiences. People with very different tastes can choose clothes for themselves, because it suits everyone. The designer’s motto is “When you want, you can “.Buy Heimstone clothing and you will feel French fashion. Recently Heimstone has also created some fantastic vests and jackets for autumn.

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