Brand Havaianas was founded in Brazil in 1962. The motto of the brand is “These flip-flops Havaianas does not stink, hold their shape and the straps never rush”, directly alluding to the flaws of competitors. Havaianas Company has always made an emphasis on high quality and wide variety of designs of their products. The materials and shape of sandals have not changed significantly to date.
The popularity of Brazilian sandals and slippers as wellhave attracted the tourists, who are constantly seized with a few pairs of Havaianas, going home from Brazil to Europe. The company decided to start to win other markets, and in 2000 began to open their brand with offices around the world. Today Havaianas products are successfully realized in more than 60 countries.
To date, Havaianas is an embodiment of fashion icons. Hollywood stars and famous politicians are willingly walking in this brand slippers.
Today, the Havaianas collection has more than a hundred women’s shoe models, 40 male and 15 children. Also, the company recently introduced several new limited collections of expensive models. Buy Havaianas flip flops because they have a special soft rubber manufacturing of top-secret prescription, which was created to ensure that they take the shape of your feet, thereby providing maximum comfort and style.

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