Hatley children wear


Nothing can be so important as to provide the kid with comfort and care. Modern fashionable brands not always take into account this important feature and offer children clothes of low quality or made from artificial fabrics. But would one wear clothes that prevent from free moving or create uncomfortable feeling? Of course, not. Today parents all over the world tend to look for brands that use natural materials only. Hatley one of the popular line of clothing that guarantees to keep to safe tailoring technique with using 100% soft cotton, linen and wool. The roots of Hatley are in a wonderful country – Canada. A young artist Alicia Oldland, who was painting for donate her works, found out that her masterpieces can be sold with kitchenware. So Alicia Oldland and her husband John opened a small factory in 1986 in Quebec. Soon the places has become well known among people; And she was on the right way. The accessories were immediately sold out. It was a real success that no one expected. The three sons of Alicia and John Oldland moved the factory to Montréal and decided to make a children line of clothing, as the painting of Alicia were popular and loved by young children. So why not to make a clothing line in order to make the kids happy? more and more young parents were coming to the shop for remarkable items for their children. Now you are able to find at Hatley several collections of stylish nightwear, underwear and accessories. Sets of tops and shorts, pajamas, night dresses and other clothing are made from soft fabrics that create a lovely feeling during night time. the kid won’t feel discomfort for sure. The collection is available for kids aged 12 months to 12 years. The designers also offer a variety of sleepers; they are puffy and warm – the best choice for making a cozy feeling at home. Hatley represents a new model of water proof coat and rubber boots for rainy weather. This innovation was created especially to keep the children in warmth when they spend time outdoor as well. The coat comes in long length and with a zipper fastening on the front; a convenient hood is attached too. The rubber footwear will be a good addition to the outwear. A safe sole will prevent the kid from slipping in water. Look at celebrities who have already chosen Hatley as the main brand for themselves and their children; Orlando Blum, Chris Martin, Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck and others are the regular customers of Hatley. Their children feel very satisfied with stunning outfits by the Canadian brand; soft nightwear provides them with good and sweet sleeping. There is no any problem with purchasing the items by Hatley anymore. Thanks the possibility of ordering the clothes online, each one is able to buy the favorite style of color of underwear, nightwear or bathrobe. Be sure to get high quality clothing that is designed in an original and unique way.

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