Guess children clothes

Guess children clothesThe United States is the place that allows people to dream and create new ideas; the country where there are so many cultures and nations combines traditions from all over the world. For this reason fashion from different places of our globe gathers there – in America. Mystery and inscrutability are the synonyms for the new brand – Guess. This fashionable line combined the American freedom and independence with a European classical tradition. Thanks the founder of Guess – Georges, Arman, Paul and Maurice Marciano – today we have such a wonderful opportunity to dress in luxurious clothing of high quality. The history of Guess starts in 1981when a new collection of jeans appeared. the designers were sure that the denim fabric is going to strike the world of fashion. And it did. But soon in the 80-ties the brand began losing its popularity among customers. But a new and fresh idea came to young minds and the brothers decided to make a stunning design of jeans with three zippers. And they were right. This model was sold out in few hours. The customers demanded for more parts. Marciano understood is was a sensation. Till now Guess remain being one of the most loved brands not only in the United States, but all over the world. It is a well known fact the denim is the fabric that young generation prefers the most. A special collection for children and teens appeared immediately after gaining the admiration of thousands. Nowadays Guess is focused not only on making trousers, but the manufacturers use denim in order to produce other items; they combine the practical fabric with cotton to make waists; with silk and wool; with cashmere and linen. This multifunctional material comes perfectly with any other one. Though Guess works mainly on creating a casual look of a child, a formal or a festive one can be also achieved by right combining of two pieces – the top and bottoms. Let the kid enjoy the bright colors of T-shirts, interesting patterns on shorts and funny prints on sweaters. Each line has an additional collection of amazing accessories that will match the look. Such remarkable elements, as warm and sun hats, knitted scarves, leather and textile belts can suit both to boys and girls. Young ladies can make their appearance more impressive with a colorful fur collar. Guess offers a wide variety of footwear as well. All shoes are made from high quality materials; sandals are covered with leather upper and have a mom slip sole that will prevent from slipping. Boots can come with Velcro or lace fastening; can are good for running, going for a walk or traveling. You will never mix up the clothes by Guess with any other brand. The line has a unique tastes and style that makes it original. Look for the new incomes from the last collection of Guess in the Internet. An online purchasing is available from every corner of the world; so make an order and make your kid look trendy.

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