Grevi children wear

Grevi children wearAll those stylish people who follow the trends in the world of fashion know that no outfit will look perfect without an additional item that would make the look complete. Women put on scarves, bright silky bows, rings and necklaces; men wear leather and textile belts, watches etc. But they all agree that nothing can be compares with a stunning head wear. That is the right accessory that will make others gaze on you. Grevi – a brand that appeared in 1875 in Italy, Florence, was the one that all fashionable ladies adored. It started making unbelievable models of head wear that suited to any outfit. In the 30-ties the company produces items made from melousine and satine. Straw hats with organza and velvet inserts were the most preferable among customers. Later the designers were focused on creating casual hats. For this they used the Tuscan lambskin. Nowadays the tradition of wearing a hat is not as popular as it was before; only few decades before, the streets were full of nicely dressed women with different kinds of hats on their head. It added some tenderness and elegance. But not only adults were fans of this item. How lovely the little girls looked. A cute head accessory converted girls into real princesses. The hats could be chosen according the occasion. If one was going for a walk a simple straw hat was the choice. But if it was a special day or a family celebration, so the accessory was embroidered with natural or artificial flowers, lace and beautiful bows. Besides, the head wear was of different shape; with wide and narrow brims. Today less people are seen with this refined element. But still what a nice thing is to come across young girls wearing a lovely summer dress with a white or ivory hat with delicate embroidery and a strip all over the item. Grevi will provide you with the widest variety of head wear for young girl. The new collection correspond the modern tendencies and will make the kid remarkable. Unique designs, original style and impressive models can be found at Grevi. Now besides sun hats, you are free to choose also wonderful knitted hats for cold seasons. They are made from 100% wool, velvet, fleece and cotton. Your child will stay in warmth in winter. Have a look on the last line, where bonnets, straw hats and wonderful knitted items are represented. Each item by Grevi will create an unforgettable appearance of your girl. The popularity of the Italian brand is spread all over the world: Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia. Grevi has its stores in Milan, Paris, Los Angeles and other fashionable cities. But now it is not necessary to search for the shop, made your order online. The possibility of purchasing the fancy accessories by Grevi is already here. So make your little lady feel herself elegant and stylish with a lovely sun hat by one of the oldest head wear brands ever – Grevi.


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