Giesswein kids footwear


What tells us about the luxury of a cloth? How can we be sure that a T-shirts or sweater will serve for long time? the answer is simple. You have to look for clothing made from natural fabric. How difficult it is to find high quality products in the fashion market today. Most of brands use artificial leather, synthetic material and low quality fabrics. Modern parents fight for providing their kids with natural clothes that won’t cause any harm to their health. But we promise you that you may be sure about the reliable brand Giesswein. It never uses artificial tissues. Giesswein has an old history that starts already in 1954 in Austria, when a young couple Elizabeth and Walter Geisswein started using wool to make their clothing. they knew that this fabric will make young children warm during winters and create a pleasant and soft feeling on body. It was the material that has been produces in Austrian farms, so no synthetics were mixed with it. Soon cotton, pure linen and leather became used. Young mothers were very satisfied with the quality of knitted clothing by Giesswein. But the secret of the success lies also in a unique tailoring technique – a plastic art is considered to be a natural tissue processing. This way of making clothes was used by our ancestors long time ago. Giesswein uses this tradition to satisfy the demands of parents and make the kid healthy. The line has a nice collection of blazers, cardigans, shirts and home wear for young children. The clothes come in different colors and designs. There are pajamas with cool prints of driving cars and monsters for boys; and flowers are birds for girls. Training suits are also widely represented in a diversity of models. Original embroidery can be seen on most of clothing. It is worth to say that all elements are handmade and were chosen by designers to create a unique piece. For this reason you will never find a similar product at any other brand. But the preferable item of most kids is, without any doubt, warm wool slippers. Look at these nice pair of shoes with animal cartoon images; what character will your kid choose: wolf, bear, lion, deer? The line also offers outdoor footwear, as sandals and boots. The upper is made from best natural leather that will keep the feet in warmth. Rubber sole usually supplies the shoes. If you are going to spend winter holidays high in snowy mountains, it is necessary for your child to have a cozy home wear and a pair of stylish sleepers. Europe has already tested the Austrian brand for its quality and comfort. Now it is your turn. Wherever you are staying, you are free to purchase the clothes by Giesswein online. The Internet service is available for using in all Europe, the United States, Australia and Asia. Your child will be very glad to receive a natural sweater with a funny bright knitted image on the front.

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