GF Ferre kids wear

GF Ferre kids wearFashion is not only term that describes nice looking clothes and model shows; it expresses one’s individuality, the inside world and thoughts. When we look at a person, immediately can say about his personality thanks what he wears. Casual, festive, formal and elegant styles are chosen by people. Depending on the occasion, men and women put on suits or evening dresses, jeans with T-shirts or sweaters. Each one can find himself in the world of fashion. Gianranco Ferre- an Italian designer and the founder of GF Ferre – started his education as an architect, but soon the fellow realized that all he was interested in was modeling clothing. He gave up his subject and began creating new clothes for different fashion houses: San Giorgio, Oaks, UP.2.90, Ketch and others. At the beginning of 20 century Ferre went to India to put any eye on factories that were producing clothes for Italy. There he got a lot of experience learned some new tailoring techniques, which were not known of Europe. In India he was focused on ethnic style of clothing; he was using the local cashmere fabric and a traditional Scottish check – tartan. Ferre brought to Europe a wide spectrum of new colors: red and black peppers, cinnamon, curry, vanilla and many others. After his coming back, Gianfranco met Franko Mattioli; they started their business together. And soon a white elegance blouse appeared in the market – this became the symbol of GF Ferre brand. Only in 2003 a children collection appeared. But it has gained its success and admiration from the first collection. So what makes the products of the Italian brand so adored? The answer without any doubts will be the quality of clothing. Ferre was working only in natural luxurious and expensive Italian fabrics. It was easy to work with them; natural materials make the process very pleasant and the end result impresses. 100% soft cotton, silk, wool, pure linen, cashmere, chiffon and denim were used in order to show the customers garment masterpieces. It is a very important fact, as no one would buy synthetic clothes for children. But the high quality items totally correspond to their price. GF Ferre uses bright colors, handmade embroidery and additional details to make a stunning look of each piece. Attaches flowers, silk bows, pearl beads, diamante gems and other elements can be seen on wool cardigans, summer dresses, colorful skirts and short sleeved T-shirts. The clothes by GF Ferre can be recognized at once – the logo of the brand is placed on all items. A nice baby collection is represented as well. Stylish baby grows and shorties come in pale colors with childish prints and delicate embroidery. All baby clothing is very comfortable for using thanks poppers for dressing on and putting off. GF Ferre is one of the most popular children brands in Europe, but today the United States and Asia may also enjoy the refined taste and original European design. Online purchasing is available from any place and country.

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