Gant kids clothes


After the second world war people all over the world wanted to change their life, consequently there was a wish to change the wardrobe; to get rid of pale and gray colors and to have new style – a modern one. America is the country that has never suffered from lack of vitality; men and women were always enjoying their free time and wearing the most brisk clothes. Already in 1941 Bernard Gantmacher who was born in Ukraine, moved to the United States in order to get better life. There he was working in a small factory, making shirt’s collar. In short time he and his wife, who was a specialist in making buttons, opened a small shop of their own shirts. The main feature of them was the fact that the collar could be attached by two buttons – it supported the collar’s solid position. Soon Bernard Gantmacher started to mark his clothes by a letter “G”, so people could easily find the shirts of the designer. Only in 1949 the two brothers – Elliot and Marti Gantmacher – launched the brand as Gant. They created a new style of shirts – A hook at the back of shirts brought fame to the item as well. The line was still tailoring only clothing from men, so with the growing popularity it created several collections devoted for women, children and of course a separate line of accessories. The kid line appeared not so long ago, but already is considered to be adorable among the young generation. It fit to boys and girls aged up to 16 years. So if your child is a fan of casualty and classic style, Gant should be his choice. There is nothing better than having in one’s wardrobe a 100% cotton shirts with a pair of dark or pale jeans. It would create not only a traditional look, but with the refinement of the cloth, your child will be on top. It is unbelievable how each item can match the individuality: you are free to have a wide spectrum of colors and different design of denim trousers, sweaters, T-shirts and coats. Gant produces children collection twice a year and provide its fans with the most comfortable clothing ever. There is no any excessive embroidery or bright prints, but luxury is achieved by combining expensive fabrics: cashmere, denim, wool, silk, cotton etc. so if you are looking for a reliable clothing brand to dress your child in? Never have any hesitation about the choice. Gant will be your answer. Children all over the world have already become addicted to its high quality and fashionable designs. A special collection of footwear is going to serve as a nice additional to complete the whole outfit. Don’t pass through the wide variety of magnificent accessories, which are represented at each collection. Though Gant stores are placed all over the world, don’t be worry if you don’t find it in your town. Get any item by Gant having purchased it through the Internet.


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