Galluci baby shoes

Italy – a country of fashion, unique style and impressive designs. Every brand that is established there will for sure gain a worldwide success. Children lines of clothes and footwear play very important role in wears industry of the country. Famous old and new brands create collection for kids in order to provide them with quality products. The shoes market has its features that determine the fashion tendencies. No one of the Italian brand would ever permit to use artificial or synthetic material for making footwear for children. Their feet must be provided with the best quality and maximum comfort while walking. When choosing a shoes brand for kids, parents, on the one hand, pay big attention to quality, but on the other, it is better to have a style look of shoes. So what is the choice of many Italians? Galluci is the answer. This company was established in 1959 in Monte-Urano – a place that is famous for its leather processing. Natural sheep and cow leather make up the basis for Galluci footwear. These fabrics keep the feet warm in cold seasons, and allow fresh air to come into when it is hot outside. The inside is made from 100% soft lambskin. So the child will feel very pleasant during all year around. A special cork is placed under the sole – this is one of the brand’s features, as the manufacturers assure that such sole with the combination with a solid backdrop support a right position of feet. The Italian brand produces trendy footwear that differs from other lines; you can fins stylish moccasins, ballet shoes, suede boots and delicate sandals of different designs. Galluci has invented a new way of making flexible shoes – ballerinas technique – that makes the items softer on feet. Goodyear is another technique that is used in Galluci. The manufacturers believe that not only adults’ shoes can be produced in such way, but also the ones for children. It is worth saying that the designers work attentively on the color spectrum. Young boys can enjoy a variety of blue, green and beige shades. But girls care offered bright color combinations that make the shoes match the whole outfit. One of the most preferable shades among young customers is a purple metallic. The same color of shoes had Ellie from “The Wizard of Oz”. Today young moms and dads rely on this brand and know that their child will have not only practical footwear, but a remarkable one. A pair of bright sandals with perfectly goes with a nice summer dress. Moccasins or boots will create a fancy casual style. The company works on spreading its products abroad on order to satisfy the demands of parents and children in other countries. The customers from United States, Asia and Australia use the possibility of online purchasing. It is very convenient to make and online order and get the delivery to your home. Be the next to buy a pair of stylish shoes by Galluci for your child online.

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