Funfam is a popular brand designing and manufacturing bamboo dishes and cutlery for children. The company was established in Japan in 2009. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that Funfam revives an old Japanese tradition of making dishes, cutlery and other kitchen utensils of bamboo. The company was founded in Japan in an attempt to revive Japanese traditions of dish and kitchen utensils making. However, the company focused on the narrow segment of the market and designed dishes and cutlery for kids only. This decision contributed to the fast success of the company not only in Japan but also in the entire world. The success of the company may be explained by different factors. For instance, the company success in Japan is the result of the deep respect of Japanese to their traditions and traditional lifestyle. Hence, traditional bamboo dishes naturally attracted many consumers, who were eager to purchase such products for their kids. In the global market, Funfam has gained a tremendous success due to the huge popularity of natural dishes and cutlery for kids. In fact, parents buying bamboo dishes and cutlery from Funfam can be certain in their high quality and safety for their kids.

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