The American footwear company was founded in1863 by the American shoemaker John A. Frye. The quality of footwear that is suggested by the company is really amazing and impeccable. During more than 150 years the company does not change its traditions of production, though it does not hold still and is constantly developing. All of the kinds of footwear that is suggested by the brand are made of the premium quality leather and natural materials. Before the footwear of the brand is presented for sale in the stores, it goes through the sophisticated 190 stages of processing. The main principles of the company are perfect quality and reliability. The brand experiments with the colors and types of the leather processing. As a result every buyer is able to enjoy wearing the high quality footwear that perfectly emphasizes the individuality and style of every person. It is well known that footwear for children should comply with even more requirements. And the brand succeeds with doing so. Buy Frye footwear for your child and feel certain as the child will feel the most comfortable. Every parent who buys brand Frye footwear gives the child a perfect opportunity to express his/her personal individuality.

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