FRANKA Baby Clothes

Franka is a Swedish brand that makes marvelous vintage looking clothing for newborns. This Swedish brand launched its successful project in 2006. Earlier Franka used to be engaged in producing items for famous brands like H and M, Filippa K. That’s why it wasn’t any surprise that soon Franka would create its own production.
Fanny Sundgren, a talented designer of brand, offers you functional high-quality wardrobe. When you are dressed in beautiful Franka clothes, you transfer into 50’s. These time changes are caused by special characteristic elements of that period that are reflected in Franka pieces. These elements are dots, marine style, velvet trimmings.

Franka apparel is classic in washed out pale colours. Franka collection looks mischievous and playful. What else does your child need? Buy Franka clothing and feel comfortable and cozy.
Franka ‘s focus on clothing for newborns imposes more delicate consideration for materials. They are resistant and can stand the movements of most impatient small customers. Dress your little child in Franka style and don’t concern about wearability.
Besides, Franka childrenclothing is fairy. The range of proposed garments astonishes. Franka sells trousers, leggings, jerseys and knitted wear. Franka collection is for kids of today with a fashion feeling of yesterday.

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