FINGER IN THE NOSEFinger in the Nose clothing looks the same way as it sounds. A little mischievous, intrepid and carefree style will stand your child out in a crowd. Finger in the Nose is an up-to-date French brand that offers Rock’n’Roll looking childrenclothing.
A little boy dressed in Finger in the Nose jeans or other sportwear will look stunningly. A balance between being adultly dressed and child sincerity makes Finger in the Nose a contemporary and authentic label.
All materials are durable and functional, which provide comfort while wearing clothes. You shouldn’t bother yourself whether clothes will be enough resistant to bear infantile crazy games. Though collection is full of cute printed elements like funny bunnies and romantic flowers Finger in the Nose in general aspect still remains sharp and sophisticated.
Children are dressed in clothes, so characteristic to their age but self-expression that their apparel radiates makes them look elder. Buy Finger in the Nose childrenclothing and your baby will look stylish.
Finger in the Nose offers not only jeans but also t-shirts, dresses and jackets. Being funky, casual and quality Finger in the Nose childrenclothes are reputated as a remarkable label on a fashion market. Grown up fashion for your baby is quite the thing!

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