Fendi children wear

Fendi children wearThe Italian clothing market is known to be one of the most luxurious one. The famous brand Fendi is a proof of it. Today it is considered to be the most wanted and prestige line of clothing for women, men and children as well. Its history stars in 1925 when a couple – Edoardo and Adele Fendi – decided to open a small factory and shoo where they sold leather clothing. Edorado and Edele couldn’t imagine who their small business will grow up. The secret of their popularity was in using high quality fabrics only. Each cloth was made very attentively and with great professionalism. Of course, the audience should have liked it a lot. With time, as the deal was succeeding, the couple decided to make also clothing from fur. And it was the right thing to do. Now all Italian stylish women were fans of the new brand. Each one adored visiting this small shop in Rome and getting from there with luxurious and unique clothes. But as the World War began the brand wasn’t already demanded, as before. But thanks the help of Fendi’s five daughters, it could gain the adoration of women again. And after the war Karl Lagerfeld was invited to be the main designer of Fendi. He gave the brand its basis. As each famous line, Fendi also needed to have a logo. Karl advised to make a double letter “F” – it is believed to symbolize the married couple – Edorado and Edele. Karl Lagerfeld continues to be the designer since today. At the beginning, the brand was focused only on making remarkable clothing for women. But with time, as the line was gaining its success among Italian people, a men collection appeared too. Nowadays, Fendi creates fantastic children clothing, interesting accessories and practical items. Young mothers tend to dress their kids in Fendi clothes, as they are made from natural fabrics and are safe for the health for newborns. It is very nice that it is possible to choose items both for baby boy and girls. A special collection of stylish clothing for teens is already known not only in Italy, but all over the world. Those children who follow the last trends for sure choose fendi to be the main brand. Practicality is combined with brightness and uniqueness. Each kid is able to find his favorite style in Fendi. If you prefer casual look, have a pair of denim trousers and a nice 100% soft cotton T-shirt. Girls will for sure like wonderful summer dresses, made from light silk or chiffon. In order to make one’s appearance completed the designer offer a big collection of remarkable accessories: leather belts, brisk sunglasses, elegant hair bands and clips; warm hats and knitted scarves perfectly suit to winter time. Would you like to have an item by Fendi? Do you want your child look stylish? Choose fendi for this. The possibility of purchasing the clothing of the most demanded Italian brand online is available for everyone.

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