Falke kids wear


Clothes customers always pay attention to quality of products that they buy. It is very important for them to be provided with clothing that will serve for long time. Moreover, parents choose natural fabrics only for their children, as synthetic and artificial materials can cause harm to their health. But besides clothes, both adults and kids ask for hosiery. It is essential clothing that cannot be ignored. Falke – a German brand that started its existence already in 1895 still is very popular nowadays. Franz Falke – Rohena was the one to establish the line, but soon it has become a family business that now is managed by Franz Peter and Paul Faulk that make up the fourth generation. The factory of Falke was supplied with modern sewing machines that allowed creating high quality products. In the middle of 20 century the brand already was exporting its items to other countries in the world. During the next centuries the company was focused on extending its popularity within and out Germany. Today you can fins Falke stores in the United States, most fashionable cities in Europe: Paris, Milan, Madrid and others. The next step of Falke development was to use caprone fabric that was very practical; now the tights were prevented from getting torn, besides, the material kept the legs worm in winter time. the innovation was approved by customers. You may be sure about the high quality that the German brand guaranteed to all buyers. Tough the line stays for long time in the wear market; it hasn’t lost its uniqueness. The main reason is the winning combination of comfort and practicality. Modern parents rely of Falke and know that their children will be pleased by its clothes. The line is mostly focused on making its items for kids aged up to 16 years. Look at the last collection, where various designs of leggings, tights and socks are presented. We are sure the your boy or girl will find the favorite color and embroidery. The creative minds of the brand work especially on creating interesting prints and patterns that will be adored by young generation. Funny animals, lovely butterflies, cartoon characters and stripes prevail. Cotton socks are best for warm time, while angora and wool tights make the child feel warm in winter. The German brand also offers a wide diversity of soft sleepers – they will make the stepping very nice. Most of customers line the sleeper cat pads non-slip socks. They agree that they are very good choice for a child, as it prevents him from slipping. A new line – ERGONOMIC SPORT SYSTEM – is created for those children who like sports activities. Special thermal underwear if produced for snowboarding, skiing, rolling, skating, playing tennis and golf. The company is rewarded by a state prize for providing buyers with best quality knitted clothes and hosiery. So don’t hesitate and choose Falke clothes for your child. You are already able to purchase Falke products in the Internet, having made an online order in web-site.


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