Emmanuelle Khanh is one of the most famous French brands that manufactures sun glasses. They released its collection in 2009. Brand’s marketing direction is based on premium basis. Their eyewear is elegant with a sophisticated logo EK on each pair.
Emmanuelle Khanh treats sunwear seriously as a separated fashion item paying much attention to its styling. Emmanuelle Khanh has been short-sighted herself since childhood. This inconvenience made her consider fashion aspect of glasses.

She used to hate standart frames and her dream to change glass frames became an obsession. She creates frames that are too beautiful for verbal description.

Emmanuelle Khanh adorns its glasses with chains and makes them in different colours. Emmanuelle Khanh releases sunglasses even for children.

Satisfied customers couldn’t but request from designers to make a small copy of adult collection for children.

The legendary EK children glasses are on sale in Internet and in shops all over the world. All products are sold only an by official optician that is certainly an advantage that guarantees you authenticity and high quality of products. Buy Emmanuelle Khanh and let yourself feel a part of luxurious world. Emmanuelle Khanh will always remain up-to-date fashion brand with original frames that tend to be luxury.

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